Kundalini Yoga – Introduction

Bijay J Anand | December 19, 2014

Sat Nam and welcome to my new blog ‘Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand’

Before I begin to share anything else with you, I need to answer one question that is asked of me almost on a daily basis. 

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Starting with this basic and primal question today, I am hoping that what I have to share with you about my life’s experiences with various forms of yoga will help you on your own journey and path that you are following. I offer to you a perspective, an insight into my life that was floundering, health that was failing and a heart that was crumbling. This is a narrative on how Kundalini Yoga combined with other oriental wisdoms helped me to understand who I am, what I am doing in this world and what it is that I should aspire to be.

This is my journey into finding the true meaning of Love and how I came to this final conclusion, “You are nothing if not love”

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will be enjoying sharing it with you..

Kundalini Yoga is a science which opens up your heart and your mind to the magical possibilities that exist in this universe. The practice of Kundalini Yoga energises you, heals you, detoxifies your body and mind, rejuvenates you and elevates you towards the path of super-consciousness.

If this seems to be far-fetched consider this; Kundalini Yoga can do all of this, AND MORE.

We all go through pain in our lives. Pain is of two types, physical and emotional. We experience various emotions like anger, frustration, stress, grief, jealousy & regret. Over a period of time all of these emotions get lodged in our body. Different muscles store different kinds of emotions. Our organs like liver, lungs and kidneys are also storehouses of negative emotions. Our glandular system is another storage vault that is present in our bodies.

With Kundalini Yoga, you are able to access these storage facilities, connect with these emotions (some of which you may not even be consciously aware of) and successfully oust them from your body, your conscious/sub-conscious and your life.

Imagine a life where you live in a constant state of bliss. Constant state of happiness. Radiating love, having a glow that is divine to behold and shining eyes that spread beautiful energy to whatever they look at. Yes, all of this is possible with Kundalini Yoga.

As we look around us and see people in a state of constant stress, loneliness and emotional distress we realise that our goals that we set for ourselves were wrong in the first place. What we need to do is to redefine those goals. It is not success, wealth, fame and luxuries that bestow the gift of happiness in our lives. It is silence, inner peace and unison with the cosmic vibration that liberates us and frees us from pain and suffering. Not that pain and suffering cease to exist, only that our ability and wisdom to deal with those times of turbulence matures into a less traumatic reaction to them.

If you have never done Kundalini Yoga before I suggest that you try it once. It was the first 5 minutes in my KY class with Gurmukh that changed my life. Because I knew that after searching for it my entire life, I had finally come home.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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