Bijay J. Anand

Thanks for these 3 magical evenings by Bijay Anand. Kundalini yoga itself is filled with depth and spirituality, and when there is still such a strong space around: such light people and incredible teacher, the result of practice can only be magical, every word replied in my mind, every curvy was a direct hit in  the heart. Thank Thank Thank you! Sat nam

Fedorova Anastasia | 21 September, 2019 | Russia

*About Kindness* I’ll tell you about how my lessons are going at the studio artline. These 3 days I attended Kundalini yoga classes at world class teacher Bijay Anand. In one of the classes he gave meditation “world flying”. Yesterday at the class in the group “free artist” age of children 7 -12 years old, I told about my trip to India this February. I was talking about Indian children living in shanties, built from branches and cane, that they don’t have TV, gadget, sometimes they go to sleep hungry, they don’t go to school, but just play with ball while they parents work on the field. I asked to share my kindness, a part of my soul and draw the Indian babies postcards with the bird of happiness- news of the world. The guy tried very hard and I passed these postcards to Bijay yesterday at class, asked him to pass their daughter in Mumbai. For her to give postcards to her classmates.

Artline Belova | 21 September, 2019 | Russia

Friends!!! Today we have completed our magical days with the master Bijay J. Anand. I have a certificate from India from Anahata Centre (Mumbai)!!! Wonderful retreat, Full reboot. Waiting for new meetings. Thanks to the organizers.

Natalia Shorokhova | 21 September, 2019 | Russia

All my life I wish to evolve… this is my wish… days of master classes flew unnoticed; I feel inner delight. Distributed certificates from the center Anahata_Tatarstan. Prayer (Meditation) always helps us find the way home to happiness, faith strengthens the connection with God, with ourselves. Thank every day for coming in my life! Thank you Yogafamily_Chelny for revealing the world of Kundalini Yoga outside my home before world class teacher. Thank you for the love in your heart Bijay Anand. Decorating my spiritual path, thank you

Adelya | 21 September, 2019 | Russia

Three days of Kundalini Yoga with master ji Bijay Anand from India! – topics of workshops were different *relationships* *sexual healing* *Atlanta distributed shoulders* *Vibes* these three days practices, cut, dives into magic created by International master Kundalini Yoga, a deep practitioner, a famous actor Bijay J Anand for more than 40 soulful, open practitioners. Inner power, freedom of Bijay, powerful energy, beauty of the soul, the possibility of healing has been read in every millimeter of this space! Thank you for organizing events Anahata_tatarstan, yogafamily_chelny!

Adelya | 21 September, 2019 | Russia

What a beautiful experience and a lovely retreat! ?
It was an absolute delight to be away from the noise and be in a blissful environment. Thank you so very much for everything Bijay Sir, Sonali, Sanaya & Pranali.
Great effort!
Looking forward to the next one already. ?

Priti Kapadia | 19 September, 2019 | Mumbai

Dear friends,

Jai Hind

Say the effect of destiny (honi) ?or the privilege of meeting people with a beautiful personality like yours! I was not there to attend a pre-determined event but thanks to Yogita Vihani Ji, due to an Instagram post of which I was able to meet you guys and got such a beautiful experience.

When I decided to reach there, two things were in my mind, one to understand Kundalini Yoga a little and the other to become new effective friends. As far as yoga is concerned, the benefit it will have in the upcoming time will determine my dedication to knowledge and the time to come. But for me, this whole experience is something different, all the parts of the body are in the body to make it feel like Bijay Anand Ji is not like a teacher, as a friend to carry the entire camp with love, everything was amazing. In particular, the words he spoke about human values and the conditions of being an ideal citizen in the easy words that he conveyed all the more to my mind. We all want the ideal country and the world, but as a citizen or a human being, we miss every time to fulfil our responsibilities. Thanks to Bijay Ji for fulfilling his duties as a citizen and spreading knowledge. The operation of Sonali Ji was very good, they took care of everyone with great love. The lovely doll Sanaya Anand was the centre of attraction for me and perhaps for all of us. May God give her the whole life with such joy and smile. And what to say about Atmanan Wellness, everything from the room to the surrounding atmosphere and feeling of being in the lap of nature was fantastic in itself. All of you English-speaking friends kept the only Hindi person with great love and belonging and communicated as much as was necessary. It took me 4 years to move from a low-income middle-class family of a very backward village in Bihar to a place like Mumbai and was able to make my place among the people of Surat city and city with the blessings of God and its hard work. I am grateful to the generous people of Surat who took their time out to understand me. Otherwise, you all know where we do we make time to understand someone. It takes a minute to be Looked at and formed an opinion. Yes, even today, I do not know the ways of upper-class people (if anything is different), maybe I can influence someone with my personality? I do not even know this, but I know that if one of my loved ones is suffering then how is that pain felt. And how to be with him at that time. I am aware that in this world, I have not come to contribute anything. I do not know how high I can rise in, but when I leave this world, my life will be a positive example for many people. I am moving forward with this goal. We are all on a journey and will continue to meet somewhere. I am a friend to all of you, believe this. Whenever there is any reason to come to Surat or Gujarat, then this friend of yours will be available with your whole heart, it will be my good fortune and I will be extra happy. Message me personally send me your details in a text message or message on Whatsapp, I will save it as it is difficult for me to save all the numbers manually. You can also give me a call whenever required.

Ajay Chaudhary | 16 September, 2019 | Surat

It was an incredibly wonderful experience! My mind, body and soul are completely renewed with vigour and excitement! I look forward to doing a lot of yoga back home in Delhi! Thanks Bijay and Sonali! U guys are family now! C u soon! Tc!?

Madhu Singh | 17 June, 2019 | Delhi

“Kundalini Yoga for me has been a journey of emotional and spiritual healing. It is believed that an individual is healthy only if he is emotionally stable. And in this troubled fast paced world every soul is struggling to be emotionally stable and I was no exception.
I had my own sorrows to deal with which I thought could never heal. Losing both my parents within a gap of 2 years and simultaneously struggling with a special needs child had torn me apart.
I was broken and lost when suddenly a hand held me who I can clearly identify as my spiritual Guru Bijay Anand who introduced me to Kundalini Yoga. His aura combined with Kundalini meditations and kriyas pushed my soul to a level where I could just step aside and look at the situation I was in and finally could let go of all the pain I was going through.
He taught me one simple yet complicated thing which has changed my life forever and that is to love myself to an extent that, that love overflows and all I have to give anyone in this life is just loving energies. Trust me when you get practice this simple logic then Magic and Miracles don’t seem impossible.
Today am at peace and know that my parents are proud to see me deal with their grief so beautifully and my son no longer seems to be a stress in my life but with loving energies he is only getting better with each passing day.
I thank Bijay sir for introducing me to Kundalini Yoga which has assisted me in my own healing and opened a whole new world of happiness and peace in my life.
Sat Nam”

Mudita Tandon Ansari | 27 February, 2017 | Mumbai

“It was a first time for me. Never been for a yoga retreat before so didn’t know what to expect.
It truly was a exhilarating experience….. Bijay helped us in introspecting, reflecting and dealing with lot of our past, our emotions and our self.
I thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor morning sessions with the rising sun and basking in its energy.
Everything was perfect, the Kundalini, the food, the stay and ofcourse the company!!!”

Kajal Mehta | 14th February, 2017 | Mumbai

“I am more ready to recognize Bijay as Guru, judging to his modesty and humility, then any of modern hotshots on spiritual market!

Dragan Vagan | 23 September, 2016 | Belgrade, Serbia

Spot on gratitude for those who teach us and lead us to wisdom! So duly parnam to you Bijay J. Anand for being my social media Guru I am humbled and thank you for this path Satnam

Sian Jyo | 19 July, 2016 | Nairobi, Kenya

Happy Guru Poornima Sir….I have learned so much from you,in that little period of time which I spent working with you.I will always cherish those movements.Thank you very much.

Shriganesh J Vallakati | 19 July, 2016 | Sydney, Australia

Happy Gurupurnima Sir. I just finished few kriyas u taught me and yoga and meditation .. Thankyou so much for being my teacher and for introducing me to this beautiful practise of kundalini yoga .

Akanksha Kapil | 19 July, 2016 | Mumbai

Bijay you reinvent yourself as time goes by and you have always been giving to all who come in touch with you We all feel you are a part of our Ahuja family
Thanks Bijay

Raju Ahuja | 20 June, 2016 | Mumbai

I know very few people with your remarkable ability, Bijay, to reinvent themselves continuously and make peace with the new ‘reality’ seamlessly.

Ravneet Gill | 20 June, 2016 | Mumbai

Namaskar Bijay Your story is wonderful and will be a source of inspiration for me. Congratulations my friend …
I now track the path you wisely walked in the past.
Thank you for be this amazing and blessed person

Lakshmi Ananda Modhi | 11 May, 2016 | Brazil

“Hello Sir,
M confused what to call u Mr.Anand or Sir..
I am physically in London but my heart is all out there thinking of the amazing time spent at the retreat.
These memories are so precious that it’s helping me to cope with the current challenge.
Just needed to share that these precious memories are life changing for some and is constantly giving me hope to merge with the light at the end of the tunnel.
God bless you!!!”

Preeti Parekh | November, 2015 | Mumbai

“Riding high on the Kundalini Yoga Wave that brought this amazing teacher and now friend Bijay Anand to Montego Bay to share his gifts with us. Look at that Yoga Glow!! Love my Yoga Life and love that the more you open to Love the more Life Opens to You to the Miracles all around!
Thank you for two incredible heart opening days! Can’t wait for you to be back in November!
Sat Nam!”

Sharon Feanny | 16 May, 2015 | Montego Bay, Jamaica

“Sat Nam Bijay. Wishing you the best of things in the wide world, all the happiness. Thank you for being one of the greatest yoga instructors around. Feel fabulous.”

Sanchi Chadha | 26 March, 2015 | Mumbai

“Sir. Thank you..
From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to you. And I felt since day one I will get all my answers from this place. I didn’t even know your name until 4 days ago when I read about you on Google. I have totally surrendered myself to you and your teaching.. thank you sir for being in my life”

Pallavi | Mumbai

Retreat Experiences

What a fabulous workshop this was, Kalpesh . thank you for including me for this one ..let me tell you something straight from my heart about how I felt after it – I Loved the Sessions on both days. We came to know of a different aspect of yoga which directs us towards igniting the most important parts of our being – the chakras.

I enjoyed absorbing all the important pointers & widening my field of knowledge for a better physical, mental, emotional & spiritual existence..and as Mr. Bijay J Anand rightly put it – “This is just a small step towards searching the *GURU* within you”.. am so happy that this experience was an amazing one and you as the host are clearly one of the best. am so grateful to you for your warmth and genuine concern, thanks a million stay blessed

Priti Doshi | May 2019 | Kolkata

Good evening Mr. Anand,

It was a pleasure to meet you in person and to get an exposure to Kundalini Yoga. I was only aware of Chakra Meditation and I knew it would be activated by ‘Beej’ mantras only. It was a very beautiful experience. Exercising with so much force and energy was superb. Lots to more to still learn. Please enlighten us more.

Regards & Gratitude
Puja Sharma
p.s. Waiting for September

Puja Sharma | May 2019 | Kolkata

Goodmorng sunshine!
Thankyou for this beautiful experience.
Can’t thank you n Bijay enough
Can only pray n wish the best for ull ..
This retreat was by far the best
Reason :
With nature n
Second reason we just concentrated on one teacher one teaching
V had enough tym practising it n could do justice to it
It wasn’t taxing it was calming n were njoying it completely.
Our energies were just thr not shaky
I really feel rejuvenated
I practised my breaths
Everythg abt ths retreat was lovely
Feeling so calm
Thankyou once again for organising it so well
N special thankyou for giving me the best roomie so far
She is such a strong positive n healing soul.
U really take care of each one of us on the minutest level …
Thanks to Veena for her hospitality
Thank you n Bijay once again
Love n light
N tight hug to the family together hehe
Love u all

Sonia Razdan | 3rd March, 2017 | Mumbai

“Thank you Bijay Baba and his Shakti Sonali For Anahata and the Blissful times ! Especially this one where I had a deep Desire to be with Sir Jahangir and it came true !!
Thank you once again for these three days of fulfilment of what ever we were deprived of what ever we Aspired for …”

Ira Berry Kathpalia | 20th February, 2017 | Delhi

“What an experience , were completely mesmerised by the divine light n the healing touch of Jehangir first encounter with Yoga and ashanas..Thanks Bijay n Sonali for giving us such a spiritual experience…!! And not to forget all the lovely people I met up. God bless you all… and wish that again I can be part of such retreats.”

Vipul Mazumdar | 20th February, 2017 | Mumbai

Thank you Bijay n Sonali Anand for this beautiful retreat …thank you Jehangir Sir for sharing your wisdom for your healing touch on all of us …for having us experienced ‘Oneness ‘.
Thank you Veena Hooja for your hospitality
Thank you to all who participated in this retreat making it a joyful experience ..
Stay blessed stay happy

Sonia Razdan | 20th February, 2017 | Mumbai

Beautiful experience… can’t express in words… felt it deeply … thank u Bijay Sonali n Rachna for making it happen

Vanita Gandhi | 12th February, 2017 | Mumbai

lovely all !!! had a fantastic time with everyone, so much of love and wisdom flowing much love light and joy to everyone in Anahata heart felt gratitude to bhaisab Bijay J. Anand and sweetest Sonali a special bow down to our youngest participant Sanaya

Maa Gyaan Suveera | 13 October, 2016 | Rishikesh

Thank you Anahata for this amazing retreat!! Thank you to all the lovely teachers and eryone who was a part

Dillraj L. Bhatia | 13 October, 2016 | Delhi

Back from a holistic and real experience
of how blissful and refreshing life can be.
Waiting anxiously for the next one.
Thank you Bijay J. Anand and Sonali Anand to bring this to our lives.
And changing mine totally.

Vandana Mordani Awatramani | 13 October, 2016 | Mumbai

A Buddha is not an extraordinary being but a person who is deeply conscious of the positive potential within him-or herself and within all others, and who strives to help others bring forth this potential!Thank you Bijay J. Anand for nurturing so much potential!
Kudos to Anahata!! Continue to radiate this light and love for eternity

Rachana Shah | 13 October, 2016 | Mumbai

Thank you loads Anahata for taking us in the different spiritual world !!! A glimpse of what heaven feels like ….!!

Soonam Mehta | 12 October, 2016 | Mumbai

Thank you Anahata-Bijay Sonali and Shanaya for the memorable 5days. There was a part of your soul in every detail which truly made our stay even more special and extremely comfortable!

Honey Lulla | 12 October, 2016 | Mumbai

Well I can say that I’ve finally found a great studio, Bijay J. Anand at Anahata and a great teacher in Shraddha Vora.. Remember, if the class, studio or teachers don’t feel right, stop right there, you could be doing more damage to yourself as well as your pocket..

Neelam Bajwa | 9 July, 2016 | Mumbai

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