Kalyug: Is this the end of the world?

Bijay J Anand | September 12, 2019

In texts written thousands of years ago that are found in Indian philosophy, there is very clear and defined mention of Kalyug. An era in which our civilization will be wiped out by own self-destructive behavior, our greed, mindlessness, lust, hatred, jealousy and our total surrender to our lower consciousness.

This was attributed to our growing apathy to a spiritual path of co-existence, one-consciousness and respect for all things, animate and inanimate.

When I opened CNN to see the news today morning, what I saw was a clear unfolding of apocalypse in front of us in plain sight.

From the total and absolute destruction of the Bahamas post hurricane Dorian to the millions of protestors out on the streets in Hong Kong, the immigration crisis and mass shootings in America, social unrest in Russia over opposition members kept out of elections, sabre rattling by Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, unrests all over Africa, upsurge of killings, kidnappings and gang-fights in Mexico, severe typhoon in Japan and many more…

All of these disasters are not happening over the period of years or months. They are all happening concurrently at the same time RIGHT NOW!!

If this is not a clear indication of Kalyug or end of the world nothing is.

The reason why I am writing this is to highlight the severe and urgent importance of embracing spirituality in our lives right now. Not religion, spirituality.

Because between the doomsday predictions of Christianity, Mayans, Hinduism and Islam, one edict was clear, there are a chosen few who would survive the apocalypse and find themselves in a new world order called a return to Satyug – Paradise.

Those who are seekers, on the path and those who have found that divine connection between themselves and the world around them and those who have seen through the bewitching gaze of Maya and are now living outside of the Matrix are, what have been described as the chosen ones.

More than ever, this is a time to introspect, withdraw and go within, meditate, become mindfully aware of our life purpose, find the purity of thought in our loving, our sense of gratitude and our innate sense of compassion so that not only we are able to heal ourselves to prepare for this shift to Satyug but others as well.

Rather than being a depressing doomsday and pessimistic read, this article aims to highlight the importance of shifting our focus out from lust, lure and hatred to a positive attitude of love, oneness and identification with the cosmic vibrations of our universe.

See you on the other side…

Sat Nam

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