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Bijay J. Anand

The principle philosophy behind Bijay's teachings is love and its connection with the fourth chakra in our body called the Anahata Chakra. Intertwined with his philosophy of love is the emphasis on an attitude of gratitude as well as a pure, organic and natural way of life.


In life, I personally don’t see any point beyond learning more, traveling more, sharing more and loving more. Everything else is a filler.

Bijay’s tryst with yoga started 25 years ago. He exposed himself to various forms of yoga including Iyengar Yoga, Ashthanga Vinyasa and Hatha. But what really changed his life was his first experience with Kundalini Yoga. The first 10 minutes of his exposure to this ancient science moved him so deeply that he knew instantly that he had found what he had been searching for in his entire life.

Bijay is now one of the leading Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world, widely acclaimed and admired for his empathy and feelings driven approach to the science.

He conducts Retreats and Wellness Programs based on Kundalini Yoga in India and across cities in Europe, Latin America, Russia, China and the Middle East.

Bijay’s impactful wellness programs have touched the lives of thousands of participants across continents. He looks forward to sharing his understanding of love, health, life and relationships with those that have a genuine passion and a committed desire to change their lives for the better.

Thoughts By Bijay

  • Difference between religion and spirituality.. In spirituality there is no right or wrong. Everything that you do or wish to do is part of your journey. For the enlightened, every desire, action and the consequence thereof is a part of his journey to learn, experience and grow. Religion puts your soul in chains while spirituality sets you free.

  • What makes a spiritual journey really interesting is not the few pure, joyous souls who see your greatness and love you for it but the wider majority of unhappy ones that loathe your radiance and use every opportunity presented to them to bring you down. The higher your state of evolution, the more nastiness you attract. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • The principle difference between ‘normal’ people and enlightened souls is that the former know what they want, know what they have to do and are constantly ‘trying’ to become happy. Enlightened souls simply follow their intuition, want nothing, do nothing except what that moment demands of them and are in a constant space of bliss.

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