The Magic of Ancient Healing Systems and Kundalini Yoga

6th July, 2014 | Mexico City

Session One 10:00am – 11:45am :

Discover the magic of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation.
Modern progress in science and medicine has taken us far away from all that is natural, pure and organic. Our body is a natural creating that is best nourished by natural and traditional healing system.

In this session, we will travel back on time to rediscover the ancient healing science of yoga, ayurveda and meditation. We will understand the simple and powerful methods for strengthening our body, our mind and eventually, our Souls.

Session Two 12:15pm – 02:00pm :

Personality and aura expansion for developing your magnetic field, boosting your confidence and attracting prosperity.

Understand your magnetic field, you aura and your core strength that are responsible for your personality and magnetism. Use the power Kundalini Yoga to expand your aura and to develop a personality that is beautiful, radiant and attractive.

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