Yogic Routine for Optimum Health

18th September, 2016 | Khar, Mumbai

Yoga, Ayurveda and ancient wisdom have all prescribed daily routines that every human being must follow for optimum health, happiness and peace of mind.

From how to ideally open your eyes in the morning to what should be the last thing that you do before going to sleep, there exists a prescribed routine that we must follow for living an optimum life full of health and joy.

This workshop will explain these daily practices and also teach you a 20 minute kriya that will balance your chakras, energise you and will help you to live your life at its optimum best.

When: Sunday, 18th September | Time: 11.30am – 1.00pm

Venue: Arts In Motion, 57, Rajdoot, Above Vandana Showroom, Linking Road, Khar (W)

For enquiries and registration please contact Sonali

t: +91 9820533332, +91 22 655 33333 e: sonali@anahata.in, www.anahata.in