Nourish your soul with Music, Nature & Kundalini Yoga

13th to 15th March, 2015 | Lonavala

The Retreat

Anahata presents a musical and soulful retreat with Gurunam Singh and Bijay J. Anand. Set in the serene and blissful setting of The Machan in Lonavala, this retreat is designed to heal, nourish and rejuvenate you. Come and experience the unique teachings of the late Yogi Bhajan and open up your soul to the magic of love and light.

The Presenters

Gurunam Singh

Gurunam Singh found Yogi Bhajan at the age of 22 and moved to Espanola to learn as much as he could from the Kundalini Yoga Master. He lived in Espanola, New Mexico for ten years serving on Yogi Bhajan’s estates and devoting himself to yoga, meditation and prayer. He also spent a year and half in India serving, praying and studying kirtan. He is now well known for his beautiful voice and has 8 CDs available, which include his latest CD’s, “Union” and “Breath of Devotion.” Gurunam Singh feels blessed to be able to tour worldwide, sharing his love for mantra music and leading Naad Yoga workshops: “The music does all the work itself – the power of the mantras. I just get out of the way and then it’s my blessing, like everyone else who comes to a kirtan, just to be there, to be part of that energy – to sing.” – Gurunam

Bijay J. Anand

A Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, Los Angeles, Bijay combines the wisdom gleaned from his years of practicing Hatha, Ashthanga and Iyengar Yoga and exposure to ayurveda and naturopathy to offer a holistic programme geared towards enhancing the health and happiness of his students. The underlying philosophy behind all his teachings is love and the key role that our Anahata Chakra has to play in the happiness quotient of our lives.
He was introduced to Kundalini Yoga for the first time by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 2012, and this was the turning point in his life. Apart from teaching regularly in India, Bijay has also been teaching in countries like Mexico, Canada and the UK.
Bijay recently completed a book titled ‘Mindlessness to Mindfulness’, scheduled for release in July this year.

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