Kundalini Yoga, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

22nd to 27th February, 2014 | Goa

The Retreat

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Bijay J. Anand welcome you to experience six days of spiritual bliss, self discovery and inner peace. Set in the scenic and beautiful island of Divar, Goa, the Devaaya Ayurveda Retreat is ideal for a journey that is destined for a few select individuals. Explore the wonderful science of Kundalini Yoga to unlock the secrets of beauty, health and happiness.

The Venue

Devaaya is an ayurveda cum naturopathy center. Simple, elegant and luxurious, it is an oasis of peace and serenity. On the island of Divar, Devaaya is the only hotel and sits pretty amongst the peace loving, happy and ever-smiling population of a few hundred Divar’s residents.
A short boat ride from mainland Goa, Divar is adjacent to the acclaimed Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Backwaters of the beautiful Mandovi river surround the island, enriching our experience with a spectacular view at all times.

The Cuisine

The menu for our esteemed guests is personally prepared by Bijay J. Anand in consultation with ayurveda and naturopathic doctors of Devaaya. Delicious vegetarian Indian cuisine, balanced to nourish the three doshas of kapha, vata and pita, the cuisine is designed to be healing and detoxifying.

The Treatments

For those who wish to enhance their retreat experience with some authentic ayurvedic treatments such as abhyanga masssages, facials and shirodhara, Devaaya offers the best therapists who will pamper you and use their considerable knowledge, experience and expertise for treatments.
As a special offer to all our participants, Anahata will be offering the following complimentary treatments:
•Any ayurveda treatment of your choice. You may choose between shirodhara, mukhalepa, abhyanga massage or any of the other wonderful treatments on the Devaaya spa menu
•One complimentary foot massage
•One complimentary head massage
•One free consultation with the ayurveda doctor at Devaaya
•One free consultation with the naturopathy doctor at Devaaya

The Schedule

Our daily schedule for all six days is structured to offer the maximum benefits to our participants.
Our day begins with morning Sadhana with Gurushabd Singh Khalsa from 6 AM to 8 AM. Breakfast is followed by a session with the acclaimed Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa from 9 AM to 11.00 AM. Lunch is served at 12.30 PM.
Then, the rest of the afternoon till 5 PM is for relaxation and ayurveda treatments at Devaaya. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa begins her evening class at 5 PM, which lasts till 7 PM. We rest for a while before having dinner at 7.30 PM. Retire early at 10 PM to wake up fresh and early for our Sadhana next morning.

For enquiries and registration please contact Sonali

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