Bali Spirit Festival – Retreat

29th March, to 5th April, 2020 |

Anahata is proud to announce our first ever collaboration with the Bali Spirit Festival which takes place in Ubud every year. The BSF as it is popularly known as is a 8-day celebration of yoga, health, dance and spirituality with leading luminaries of the holistic world.Come and join us for a wonderful journey of healing and learning at this wonderful event.”This year we offer a space for our global family to gather together in sacred celebration, doing the inside-out work of personal and planetary healing and transformation. As we take time and space to re-align through yoga, movement, dance and music, we fine-tune our inner equilibrium and rejuvenate our bodies.” Bali Spirit Festival

Presenters Line-up

The presenters line-up for every Bali Spirit Festival is always exciting and the main attraction for attendees of this great event. This years line-up has the usual A-listers from the world of Yoga, Wellness and Spirituality as well as some new additions.
Notable luminaries to look out for in the year 2020 are;

  • Shiva Rea
  • Tymi Howard
  • Jeffery Armstrong
  • Ronan Tang
  • Danny Paradise
  • Awahoshi and
  • Gwyn WIlliiams

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