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Bijay J Anand | March 20,2017

I was once with a dear friend of mine who heads one of the largest MNC’s in India when she told me about a workshop that she had organised for a majority of her organisation’s work-force over that weekend. Curious, I asked her what the workshop was about.

She told me that the two-day workshop was an in-depth analysis of Philip Kotler’s style of management principles and their applications thereof in the Indian context.

Corporates around the world spend a small fortune on training their staff on various topics for developments related to their personalities, leadership qualities, group dynamics, team building capabilities and other such programs.

I thought about that conversation for a long time after I left her and I would like to share my views on these noble activities.
Most if not all are a waste of time, effort and money. And here’s why.

When you walk into a room, every soul in that room knows the depth, character, structure and texture of your soul. It is something that you just cannot hide behind your impeccable manners, etiquette, power dressing, body language or Wharton degrees.

“You carry your aura with you wherever you go. It is an invisible cloak that envelops you and encapsulates the very essence of your being.”

Through Kirlian photography it is now even possible to photograph your aura and to assess the state of evolution that you are currently in. For example, you could possibly be carrying around a black, dark aura indicating extreme negativity, tamas and evil or at the other end of the spectrum you could be radiating a white or lavender color luminescence that indicates sattva, purity of heart, love and compassion.

The purpose of writing this article is to highlight to you that on the level of the subconscious every soul is aware of the quality of the aura of every other soul they come in contact with.

What this means is that when you come in front of another person, the soul of this person knows exactly who you are in a couple of seconds.

A lot many times what we do as human beings is ignore the warning signs that our soul gives out to us about the nature of the person in front of us. We ‘override’ our intuition with logic in context to what the person is wearing, what he says about himself, what we hear about him from others or simply, what his or her bank balance is.

In such situations we invariable are left kicking ourselves and ruing that fact that we dealt with this person despite the lurking warning signs.

It once happened in the north of India many years ago. I had gone to a party with a dear friend of mine who went around introducing me to all his friends. One such friend was the son of one of the most prominent Maharajas of India.

My friend announced to me with gusto that he and this royalty were about to go into business together.

On the way back home after the party I quietly asked him if he could avoid doing business with the Maharaja’s son. He was shocked and perturbed at this suggestion and asked my why I would say such a thing. To which I could only say that I did not get a ‘good feeling’ about this guy.

Twenty years ago, I was not at a stage of evolution that I could pinpoint my uneasiness about this guy to the fact that my soul could read into his aura and could fathom the dark abyss that it held inside.

My friend dismissed my suggestion with a wave of a hand and attributed my ‘stupidity’ to too much alcohol and that was the end of that.

Or so I thought until I got a call from him barely a year later. “I am shattered. I wish I had listened to you that night.” is all he could mutter before he started to bawl over the phone.

It turned out that the ‘Royalty’ had royally ‘screwed’ him.

If my friend had not allowed his ‘intelligence’ and ‘logic’ in thinking about his new business partner and instead allowed his intuition to guide his path he would had sensed that something was amiss and he needed to give the so called opportunity a pass. It most certainly would had prevented the ensuing grief that landed on his head.

If only the business world, corporates and policy makers would realise that at the end of the day all of the power plays and self-help book’s strategies cannot replicate human intuition, they would spend more time and effort into developing amongst their workforce the concept of ‘Caliber’.

“Caliber is what sets us apart as human beings.”

The fact that when you enter any room full of people, every single soul in that room knows exactly what the texture of your soul is, exactly who and what you are as a human being, makes it imperative for us to develop the quality of our auras and make that goal our primary objective.

An aura that is radiant, shining and beautiful attracts everyone around it. There is a natural ability in such an individual to get things done, to impress and indeed, to move mountains when the situation demands it.

Instead of wasting time to learn how to impress people by the way we dress, speak, interpersonal skills and boardroom dynamics, we would all do well to learn how to clean up our auras and glow, like beacons of light.

Yes. Capitalism is all about making money, impressive balance sheets, progress, profits and success.

What that does not mean is that Spirituality cannot be a part of it. In fact when fused together, the goals and objectives of Capitalism are met with far more ease and lucidity than with the attitude of a tunnel vision with sights only on the dollars at the end of the tunnel.

Caliber is real. It works and is almost magical in its ability to get things done.”

Corporates would do well to adhere to the laws of the Spiritual world and to adopt these simple principles to achieve all round growth and success.

And create a better, joyous and humane world in the bargain.

Sat Nam

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