Where are you crying from? – Part Two

Bijay J Anand | June 8, 2015

As mentioned in part one of this post, our bodies are storage vaults of accumulated pain, grief, sorrow, anger and every other negative emotion that we have the displeasure of experiencing all through our lives. Akin to cleanses that we undertake for our body (at least some of us do), we also need to periodically subject ourselves to spiritual cleanses for the health of our soul.

For those of us who decide to undertake this spiritual cleanse, it often is an intense experience. There’s a lot of healing and crying involved in this process. Crying is the process of purging the negativity and emotional pain that your body accumulates. People who don’t cry hinder this outlet, and all the negativity remains within their systems. For those who cry easily, it is a gift, one which allows them to purge their pain, anger, grief and most other emotional disturbances.

Which is why, after you cry, you glow. You feel at peace. Calm.

And since crying is such an integral part of the healing process, it is crucial for you to understand which one of your chakras you are crying from, and why!

Healing the chakras, gradually

When we undertake an intense spiritual detox, we cry. For someone who is new to the cleansing process, this crying usually begins from the first three chakras of the body: The Muladhara Chakra | The Svadhisthana Chakra | The Manipura Chakra.

You cry because you feel the pain, the anger, the grief and sorrow that you have suffered through your entire life. You resolve issues that are related to emotions; guilt, greed and all matters related to the material world. Crying is your release; it frees you from the shackles of these feelings.

The Anahata Chakra

After you’ve emptied out your storage vaults of the emotional baggage of your life, you graduate. You move up higher in the consciousness of being, and to your Anahata Chakra, also known as your heart chakra.

And the crying begins anew.

But there is a remarked change in the quality of your tears. Now, it is neither the anger nor the pain that flows out with them. So why, then, are you crying when your Anahata Chakra opens up?

You cry because you feel love. You feel so much love that you think your heart is going to explode. You feel the joy of loving not only your fellow humans, but all things animate as well as inanimate. You are crying now with the emotion of pure love.

When you graduate to your fourth chakra, you become love!

The Vishuddhi Chakra

Graduating from the Anahata Chakra, you move up to the Vishuddhi Chakra, the throat chakra.

You cry now because, after experiencing the bliss and joy of becoming a vibration of love, you are now becoming the energy of serving our planet. You cry because you feel so much love that you know that you have to serve and to share this love for the rest of your life.

Your life ceases to be yours, or that of your loved ones. Your life becomes one of service to humanity.

You cry because you experience the joys of selfless service.

The Ajna Chakra

You cry, again, when you graduate to the sixth chakra or the Ajna Chakra because now, you can see the light. You experience God in all his magnificence and glory. You feel his presence and can see His? existence as a decoded Matrix.

This is the stage of enlightenment, where you experience the insignificance of your body. You can travel galaxies and continents leaving your body behind. You become energy of bliss and boundlessness. Omnipresence.

This is the last chakra that you cry from!

The Sahasrara Chakra

You don’tcry when you graduate to this seventh and last chakra.

This is because you now become the light.

Your energy now fuses with the divine energy and you experience the divinity within you.

Most of those who graduate to this stage decide to leave their earthly body and to move on to fuse their souls with this light.

This is also known as Moksha.

The next time you cry, be done with the process, and reflect upon which chakra are you still stuck in. Is it because of the anger you have against your mother, your sibling, the lack of a material possession or the loss of a loved one?

Or is it because you are feeling love and the bliss and joy of loving?

Perhaps it could also be because you feel a loving desire to help, to serve and to be of assistance to the world.

Maybe it is because you can now see the light!

Whichever chakra you are dwelling in right now, remember your goal. Your Lakshya.

Your goal is to shine as a beacon of love and compassion and to inspire all of humanity. To become love. To be intimately connected with the divine.

Your goal is finally, to become the light itself.

Sat Nam

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