‘Sensible Secrets’ for a beautiful life

Bijay J Anand | June 6, 2019

As a teacher, I have an alarming number of young students who are joining my classes or are being referred to me with acute depression and in some cases, suicidal tendencies.

What is it that is driving our world to the brink of insanity and what is it that we can do to reverse this process?

The path suggested below is simple, easy to follow and brings instant results for those looking to find love, peace and happiness in their lives.

Eat well

The first step.
It is shocking how many of us ignore this most basic tenet of a beautiful life. It is impossible for anyone who is treating his body like a garbage dump to be happy. If you dream of burgers and pizzas with coke and large slices of cheese cake to follow, then you are corrupting the second brain of your body, your stomach.
This brain sends out signals to the rest of the body as to how it is feeling and if it is feeling abused, disgruntled and ignored, it will put your entire body as well as your mind into disrepair.
The first step to putting your life back on track is a healthy meal. Eating the right kind of food at the right time goes a long way in healing your life.

Sleep well

I spoke to a friend of mine this morning who said that she slept at 4am. When asked what it was that kept her awake up until that unearthly hour, she replied sheepishly, “I was watching ‘Sacred Games”. The night before it was the latest season of ‘Modern Family’ that had kept her up.

When we sleep, our body and mind get much needed rest. More importantly, our liver and kidneys get the much-needed respite to be able to detoxify all the toxins that we inadvertently introduce into our body.
What most of us don’t know is that the best time for this detoxification is between 10pm and 3am. So even if you sleep 12 hours post 3am, you will yet not be able to get the rest and rejuvenation from your sleep that you should ideally do on a daily basis.

Sleep deprivation is worse than food deprivation. If you don’t eat, it is called fasting and your stomach gets a much-needed rest to heal and repair but when you don’t sleep, your body goes into shock.

So next time you’re invited to a party that you anyways don’t feel like going to, think about what you’re missing out on and definitely catch up with your Netflix shows at an earthly hour. You don’t need to get diagnosed with diabetes or cancer just because you wanted to finish the last two episodes of ‘Narcos’.

Think well

How we think sends out electric impulses to every cell in our body. It also sends out these impulses in the form of vibrations to your world around you. When our thoughts are positive and joyous and our intentions are good, we charge our cells with healing energy that rejuvenates and vitalizes our life force.
Conversely, negative thoughts, vile thoughts, jealousy and greed sends out corresponding messages to our cells and gives us a weak and repulsive aura.

To change the structure of your world around you, you need to change the structure of your thoughts. Feelings of love, harmony, kindness and affection will heal you, your mind as well as your body on a continuous and ongoing basis.

Not only will you feel beautiful but you will look beautiful as well.

Have a good sex life

For many, this may come as a surprise.

Fact is, that one of the key ingredients of a good life is good sex.

When sex is a chore or pleasurable activity to be done and over with, when it is selfish, mindless, rushed and just a byproduct of lust then it depletes your body, aura and your soul.

It is not without reason that thousands of years ago, Indian, Chinese and Japanese spiritual masters laid so much emphasis on sexual relationships and laid down several principles which needed to be adhered to for a great sex life.

When sex is a joyous celebration and a sacred act brought about with a spiritual feel towards a unison of two souls, then it is the ultimate healer. It expands your aura and brings you closer to the divine.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our lives is promiscuity and randomness in our sex life. Every time we share our body with someone, we exchange energies. If your dalliance is with a negative energy then you have to face the karmic repercussion of your mindlessness.

Good sex heals you and creates a conducive environment for spiritual growth whereas no sex or bad sex depletes you and allows for an accelerated degeneration of the body.

Finally, just remember that religion may preach celibacy as a path to spiritual enlightenment but the biggest sex scandals in the world emanate from the Vatican.

From priests to Cardinals and Bishops, there is no ‘godly person’ who is untouched by their complicit surrender to their libido’s urges.
In fact, when sexual desires are attempted to be suppressed and bottled down, these very priests stoop down to the levels of pervert sex and even pedophilia.

All that is needed for a beautiful and joyous life is to be normal and in sync with our cosmic vibrations. One just needs to surrender to the music around us and dance to its rhythm. When we realize that there is nothing that is good or bad, just our reaction to our outside world makes it so, it is a revelation that takes you one step closer to enlightenment.

Sat Nam

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