Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Opportunity Pop-Ups

Bijay J Anand,

One day, when I was 15 years old, I was walking on the street coming from somewhere, going somewhere when a car stopped next to me, the door opened and a man got out. He gave me his visiting card and said simply, “If you’d like to ever model then give me a call”.

I did, and two years later I was on the cover of one of India’s most respected fashion magazines, ‘Femina’ with the title, “Bijay Anand – Face of 1995”. I went on to modeling for over 400 assignments, which then became the stepping-stone to a successful acting career.

Years later, I had bought a few paintings for myself and had taken them to the best framer in town for reframing. A gentleman standing next to me exclaimed, “Good lord!! These are gorgeous!!”.