Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Alpha in the house

Bijay J Anand,

Dance of the two spirals

Most people think and believe that the secret to a happy home, one characterised by love, peace and harmony, is that the couple who live in it should have equal rights, say, dominance, voice, decision-making rights, etc. in the house.

I, somehow, beg to differ.

So this is how it goes. When a couple enter into a relationship with ‘equal rights’ and ‘equal egos’, it leaves the field wide open for conflict, acrimony and mayhem. Whenever such a couple differ on a decision, both believe it to be their equal right to assert themselves in any way they can and to have it their way.

My theory is simply that there needs to be one decision-maker at home who has the final vote on how it ends up being done at the end of the day. Remember Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and his iconic dialogue Keh diya na, bas!!!



Bijay J Anand,

Cultivate your magnetism

She was the apple of his eye. He always thought about how incomplete his day would ever be if he had to not wake up to the sight of her snuggled up in her bed and breathing ever so softly with a hint of a smile across her face. It was a sight that gave him all the elixir he needed to have a beautiful day ahead.

Of course she’d grow up one day. She’d marry and belong to the one who’d have taken her as a life partner. But he knew that even then every cell in his heart would beat for his love and profound affection that he had for her. He knew also that it would be like this till the day he breathed his last.

Her name was Sayyonee and she was already at an age where she had started asking a lot of questions. “Too many!” as Samahira his wife would smile fondly and say. But he had all the time in the world to answer every question that ever formed in his beloved daughters mind, sometimes even before the question even fully formed in Sayyonee’s little head.