Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Dance of the two spirals

Bijay J Anand,

Dance of the two spirals

My wife had never been into exercising or working out when we got married. By virtue of her youth, good eating habits and her love for dancing, she was blessed with a good figure.

Before Kundalini Yoga changed my life and I became a yoga teacher four years ago, I was into practicing Iyengar Yoga, swimming and badminton. So after our marriage, my wife also took to doing some form of physical activity or the other. Depending upon her mood, either it was the gym, Pilates or some yoga at other times.

All of that went out of the window after we had our daughter. From a svelte 50 kg my wife bloomed into a robust 72 kilos. And for some time, it did look like my wife was going to spend her future in size XL.