Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Why we should all do more Yoga Retreats

Bijay J Anand,


I am writing this blog on the last day of our first ever five-day YogUtsav, a festival of loving, healing and learning.

We were 40 of us in all, and what a beautiful group it was. On the last day, one of the girls spoke her mind, saying that her only apprehension before she signed up for the event was that she did not know anyone, and was concerned that she would feel lonely or isolated during the five days of the festival. In her own words, “Despite these apprehensions, I signed up, and, within the first few hours, I had made 40 new friends. I never ever felt lonely; on the other hand, I felt so loved and secure that I’ve never experienced such a bonding ever in my entire life.”

And this is one of the things we aspire to do when we design a retreat at Anahata. We want to build a beautiful community of like-minded individuals who bond over a common love for yoga, a free spirit,and hunger for knowledge. Seven retreats later, we are extremely proud to have participants who have met each other for the first time at one of our events, bonded and now continue to be best friends, irrespective of their race, religion, status or time zones.