Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Of protein shakes and supplements (that you definitely don’t need)

Bijay J Anand,

protein shakes and supplements

At my teacher-training course for Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh, there was a beautiful young girl. I used to observe the intensity of her practice as well as the discipline and passion that she poured into her training.

We became friends over a period of time. It was then I noticed something strange. She would carry around a ‘pillbox’ with her, which was full of, well, pills. From time to time, she would carefully open that box and retrieve six to eight of her colourful and neatly-segregated prescriptions and have them with a glass of water.

My initial thought was that this unfortunate young girl had a serious ailment, and, painful as it was, I philosophised about one of life’s bitter realities.
One day, though, I realised that the pillbox was not full of medication to cure anything. It was actually what she called her ‘goodybox’, and contained supplements of all kinds – vitamins, minerals, phosphorous, Omega 3 fatty acids…

And why would an apparently healthy, 20-something girl need so many supplements? According to her ‘dietitian’, she needed these to ensure that she got the nutrition that normal food was not able to.