Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Where are you crying from? – Part Two

Bijay J Anand,


As mentioned in part one of this post, our bodies are storage vaults of accumulated pain, grief, sorrow, anger and every other negative emotion that we have the displeasure of experiencing all through our lives. Akin to cleanses that we undertake for our body (at least some of us do), we also need to periodically subject ourselves to spiritual cleanses for the health of our soul.

For those of us who decide to undertake this spiritual cleanse, it often is an intense experience. There’s a lot of healing and crying involved in this process. Crying is the process of purging the negativity and emotional pain that your body accumulates. People who don’t cry hinder this outlet, and all the negativity remains within their systems. For those who cry easily, it is a gift, one which allows them to purge their pain, anger, grief and most other emotional disturbances.