Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

No Sex Please, We’re Indian

Bijay J Anand,

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As an art dealer, I’ve been privileged to have owned and sold several amazing works of art created by renowned Indian masters.Husain, Raza, Souza and Ram Kumar are a few of the luminaries that I’ve had the pleasure of having dealt with in my 12-year stint as an art consultant.

There was this one painting by Souza that I owned, which had a beautiful woman facing the viewer with a deadpan expression and her abnormally large breasts fully exposed.

Though I sold this painting around two years ago, what haunts me even today was the attitude of the art-buying community, and, indeed,many of the visitors to my home, including friends and family.

Picture this: my best friend walks in to my house for the first time with his wife and his son who is all of 17 years old. He excitedly takes a tour of the apartment, gushing over the décor as well as the art. He rapidly moves from the living room and takes a right turn into my bedroom, coming face-to-face with the Souza nude.In a split second he makes a U-turn, and, on seeing his son gaping at the painting, covers his son’s eyes with his hands and leads him out of the bedroom.