Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand

Kundalini Yoga – Introduction

Bijay J Anand,


Sat Nam and welcome to my new blog ‘Kundalini Yoga with Bijay J Anand’ 

Before I begin to share anything else with you, I need to answer one question that is asked of me almost on a daily basis.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Starting with this basic and primal question today, I am hoping that what I have to share with you about my life’s experiences with various forms of yoga will help you on your own journey and path that you are following. I offer to you a perspective, an insight into my life that was floundering, health that was failing and a heart that was crumbling. This is a narrative on how Kundalini Yoga combined with other oriental wisdoms helped me to understand who I am, what I am doing in this world and what it is that I should aspire to be.