Spirituality is dangerous for the economy!

Bijay J Anand | December 27, 2015

The powers that be do everything in their power to keep you unhappy and miserable. Here’s how they do it, and why.

We are bred and conditioned to believe that success, material possessions and physical beauty are the only sources of joy available. The problem with this thought process is that there are no defined parameters set when you are inculcated into this fogged Matrix, an inculcation that happens right from the moment that you begin developing awareness as a child.

In the absence of set parameters for these (delusional) sources of happiness, what happens is that even if you do achieve success and procure material possessions, there is always more to be acquired, more to be had. You never end up with a sense of fulfillment and never feel the unrefined bliss of existence.

The tragedy of our times is that we are trained to ignore every source and outlet that there is that gives us unbridled happiness for free. Truth be told, it would be bad for economies of countries if their citizens were to become peace-loving, non-materialistic, loving and meditative spiritual beings.

I realised this when I lost my penchant for limited-edition watches, expensive, branded clothing and designer shoes, which happened after I kind of ‘woke up’. My cotton kurtas, Kolhapuri slippers and simple lifestyle made me realise that if everyone was to become like I was, designers would go out of business, guns would stop selling, beauty products would sit unsold on shelves… because then, we’d all see the beauty within us and in others, and stop looking at the external accoutrements.

When you are happy you don’t shop to feel fulfilled.

I know someone who owns 16 Birkin bags; several of these are limited editions. She is one of the unhappiest people I know. Whenever she feels depressed, she shops. I know the feeling, because I did exactly the same thing.

Spirituality is definitely bad for the economy. The nexus of powerful banks, multi-national corporations, oil companies and the like, who decide the appointments of Presidents and Prime Ministers, don’t want us to be spiritual and happy.

Which is why, the first thing the founding fathers of the United States needed to do was to finish off the Native Americans. Just like the Chinese obliterated spirituality from Tibet (or at least they tried to). Just like how the Aboriginal population was decimated in Australia. Indigenous civilisations like these across the world were happy to be ‘underdeveloped’, they loved nature, had rituals and practices that kept them connected with Mother Earth. Therefore, their presence, their philosophy as well as their influence was bad for business, plain and simple.

For a spiritual world to take form, we need to revive ancient traditions and cultures. We need to bring back to power spiritual and enlightened beings that have managed to survive the onslaught of materialism, corporate shenanigans and greedy politics.

We have lived our lives within the Matrix of greed and materialism, and, some of us who are lucky have realised that, within this Matrix, we can never be happy. It is imperative that we collectively resolve to break through this Matrix and live our lives how our lives are meant to be lived. With love in our hearts, compassion in our souls and bliss all around us. In sync with nature and in harmony with all beings.

Such a world is indeed possible, and I see it happening even though it may not happen in my lifetime.

Louis Vuitton, Prada and Ferragamo may yet survive by becoming meditation centres selling comfortable yoga gear at affordable prices.

Sat Nam

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